Stillhouse Songwriter Session Sells Out First Night

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 was the very first show in the Stillhouse Songwriter Series.  Despite the bitter cold temperatures, the event was completely SOLD OUT. 

The first of many this evening featured Clayton BellamyDan Davidson, & Maddison Krebs.  For only a $5 cover charge, guests enjoyed top notch entertainment with the stories behind the songs in a listening room environment.  

Here is what some of the guests had to say about the first night:

"Saved the price of a plane ticket by not having to go to Nashville! The musicians were world class and the overall venue proved to be a great evening out!
The Belich’s and Morrison’s are doing an awesome job making Lacombe a better place to live. The Track on 2 is a HUGE asset for central Alberta! Wow - Well done! " Reg S.

"What a wonderful first session. Great room, great food and a fantastic concept. Will be back for sure." Rod M.

"I braved the cold and headed to the first Stillhouse songwriters session last night at Track on 2.  This event was put on with some real thought, and was executed perfectly. The details they went to ensured a perfect listening room.  They created a card system, just check off what you wanted and the waitress would make rounds picking up these cards and delivering orders. This ensured that there was no disruption to the show.  I will say this, get an advanced ticket! They were able to fill every seat last nigh (around 80/90) and it was -35 outside, and out of town a bit .  Congratulations Track on 2 for an outstanding event! Can’t wait for next Wednesday’s show in this wonderful addition to central Alberta’s music scene!!!"  Curtis P.